Monthly Archives: May 2010

Woot! We’re on CNN

We think it proper to give ourselves a big pat on the back. In fact, we’re giving ourselves the World of Warcraft leveling “woot” because we’re part of CNN’s story on hydroponic farming.

The CNN crew took great footage of what’s happening at Boswyck Farms (the latest pictures can be seen in our gallery), on our rooftop installation at the Bushwick Starr, and of Lee, the self-named spice wimp, sampling a homegrown hot pepper. Check out the video–we’re the third segment in the story.

A tip of our hat to Britta Riley over at Window Farms who pointed CNN in our direction. Thank you!

For your listening pleasure, our interview with The Naturalist has been posted

In case you were stuck on the train or stuffed in your cubicle or trapped somewhere else far from your computer, the interview Lee and Chloë did with Bernie Wides from The Naturalist radio show has been posted on Heritage Radio Network.

Boswyck Farms Talks to The Naturalist

Today Lee and Chloë will be interviewed by Bernie Wides on his show, The Naturalist. They’ll be talking about hydroponics, the work we do at the farm and our upcoming programs. The show airs between 12:00 and 12:30. Tune in if you can. It will also be available as a podcast.

The Naturalist is a daily radio program on Heritage Radio Network.