Monthly Archives: June 2010

Swing by for a visit

Summer is here and we know you’re looking for a fun morning or afternoon trip. We’re open for visits year-round but why not schedule one now? You can see our indoor R&D lab and we’ll also take you to our rooftop installation at the Bushwick Starr. Email to set up a time. Hope to see you soon!

All that is yummy

About a month ago Lee built a vertical system which we planted with strawberries. They are happy in their new home and about 2 weeks ago began to flower. Even though they aren’t quite ready we did a small tasting this past Tuesday. The result? A little tart but a lot delicious. Our Caribbean Red Cabanero peppers have ripened and they are…hot. We’re looking forward to pickling! Our Red Zebra tomatoes were harvested and are pretty and delicious.

[nggslideshow id=31]

Bushwick Open Studios a Resounding Success

Bushwick Open Studios was this past weekend. Hot and humid as it was we threw open the doors to the farm, inviting people in to see our seven different hydroponic systems. Those who came got to eat a little of our arugula, watercress and lettuce, not to mention Lee’s homemade and perfectly salted popcorn. (Our peppers and tomatoes were not quite ripe enough to sample but should be there momentairly so make arrangements to visit if you want a taste.) The recently planted strawberries have taken to their new vertical system and we were happy so many people admired how pretty they looked. Several people made hydroponic planters out of recycled soda bottles, seeded them with the basil of their choice and took them home to start a windowsill garden.

A tip of our hat to the peeps over at Arts in Bushwick for organizing another fabulous event. We’re looking forward to next year’s open studios!

WCBS swings by for a visit

We had another great visit from a local news outlet. This time WCBS stopped by the farm to check out what we’re growing. They also took a visit to our rooftop installation over at The Bushwick Starr (which is coming along quite nicely despite the secret lettuce nibblers). Many thanks to Mary for the interview. Click here to watch.

P.S. We’ve just updated our photo gallery.