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Maker Faire–it simply ruled the weekend

I’m finally regaining feeling in my legs after working our booth at Maker Faire New York. It was fairly amazing. We met a ton of people, made many, many soda bottle planters (which meant standing many hours) and had a great time showing our NFT, drip and aeroponic systems. I’m bummed I didn’t have time to see all the other cool stuff but on the other hand, I’m happy we were so busy. Our booth location meant we had front row seats for the Chariot Races so I can’t complain tooooo much.

If you made a soda bottle planter and want to enter our “May the Best Bottle Win!” challenge, submit a picture of your fabulously decorated planter to our public Flicker group, Boswyck Farms Soda Bottle Challenge. The winner gets a free Getting Started With Hydroponics workshop!

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P.S. Our Kickstarter campaign is still going! Donate if you can! Thanks!!

This past weekend event: Taste the West Village

Yesterday P.S. 41 hosted Taste the West Village. The event was a fundraiser for their green rooftop project. We took part in their “Living Classroom.”

It was a gorgeous day and lots of people came out to eat, drink and be merry. Chloë and I were absolutely in love with a corn dish from Market Table. Lots of other local restaurants, farms and bands joined in on the festivities. Free booze was on hand but we, ever the professionals, didn’t partake. What we did was talk about our various systems. The soda bottle workshop was a little different. Rather than using our usual 2-liter guys, Vicky, the events organizer, arranged for us use bottles from Ito En Tea, one of the sponsors.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us. We’ll be at Maker Faire this coming weekend!

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Farm City Festivities

Lee and I manned the tables at this past Sunday’s Farm City Fair put on by the Brooklyn Food Coalition and sponsored by a variety of Brooklyn businesses including Brooklyn Brewery (although I didn’t get to partake in a beer). Even though it was rainy the street was jumping with local food stands and urban farms.There was even a festive marching band. I think they were called Asphalt Orchestra but don’t quote me on it. It was raining hard at times and I was cold.

We want to thank everyone who stopped by and talked hydroponics with us. There was a lot of excitement about the work we’re doing and we, of course, love to show off.

Farm City Fair
photo: Ultrateg

We have two more events this month. On September 19th we’ll be at Taste the West Village. We’re also participating in the first ever NYC Maker Faire! It’s happening the weekend of September 25th and 26th. We’ll have our array of hydroponic systems and of course will be doing the famed soda bottle workshop. Get your tickets now cause it’s going to be awesome.

Farm City Fair
photo: Ultrateg

Farm Report: The Death of a Sunflower

The title pretty much says it all so I’ll start off this report with the obvious: our last sunflower has died. I’m sort of sad as I love sunflowers. At least we’ve learned that 2 giant sunflowers in one pot on a very hot roof = a bad ending. On to happy news.

Round 2 of radishes has begun. We had a great harvest 2 weeks ago and are excited to taste this batch (except for me because I don’t like radishes).

Out with the old, in with the new. Bye to our tomatoes in the aeroponic system. We’ve replaced that whole system with a bucket flood and drain. Lee planted a new batch of tomatoes, which I am very excited to eat.

Our outdoor NFT system is looking fabulous with sage, Swiss chard, kale and more. Lee snapped some very pretty pictures of them after a rainfall.

Thanks to LunchNYC for shooting at the farm last week. We’ll be on an upcoming show. Details to follow.

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Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!