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Workshop at the Horticultural Society

Boswyck Farms had a blast this past Wednesday, the 22nd, at the Horticultural Society of New York giving our “Intro to Hydroponics” lecture, followed up by our famous soda bottle workshop.


We had a great group of 15 students who had varying levels of experience with hydroponics. Some had never seen a system, and this workshop was their first real exposure to what hydroponics is all about. Others in the class had not only seen a setup before, but maintained their own hydroponics and aquaponics system in the past (something Boswyck Farms will also be venturing into in the near future).

Our lectures and workshops are geared towards anyone who is interested- regardless of experience level, and all the students had a great time learning from us and each other, asking questions and getting hands-on experience building their own mini-hydroponic system.

Our next workshop will be this Saturday, February 25th at Just Food, where we will be giving the soda-bottle workshop. All you need to do is sign up, bring the bottle, and have a great time learning a new skill! Sign up here!

Check out general info on our workshops here. You can also like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to get the latest news on when and where our next workshops will be held.

Boswyck Farms’ Sample NFT System

Lee explaining nutrients to students

Chloe instructing during the workshop

Lee Starting the Lecture

United Cerebral Palsy Construction

Done for the day!This past Monday, some of the Boswyck team headed over to United Cerebral Palsy to set up their new hydroponic system. We are thrilled to work on this project partially because it gave us the opportunity to show off our customization skills. Being that the individuals who would be learning from and working with the hydroponic system at UCP are those with disabilities, we had to consult with UCP and figure out the best way to customize the system to fit with their needs. For example, many people at UCP use wheelchairs, making it difficult for them to go directly up to the bed to plant, harvest, or maintain. We designed this setup to be higher than normal, making wheelchair access possible for easy access.

The construction of the actual bed was done at Boswyck Farms, which was then transported to UCP and put together on site. Lee, Alex M. and Alex T., and Sara helped set this whole system up, including the lights, reservoirs, and tubing in about 2 hours.

We also took a really cool time lapse video of the process from start to finish (you can even see the clock ticking on the wall).

Check it out here!

Reservoirs and Tubing

Putting the Legs on the BedDrilling the hanger on for the lights

Working away

LED lightingDrilling the hanger on for the lights

The Latest Innovation from Boswyck Farms

Check out one of the latest innovations from Boswyck Farms! We have recently developed a way to use aeroponics without the pesky, clog-prone nozzles.2012-02-06_13-37-33

Our Vertical Rain System includes a box-like structure mounted on the wall with holes drilled into the front for plants. Then, a piece of  piping with small holes drilled in it is suspended directly above vertically stacked net pots. A water pump sends the nutrient solution up to the pipe, and then it rains down through the holes and onto the net pots. Roots eventually grow out into the open air and the rain provides a healthy balance of nutrient solution and oxygen. This awesome system was designed and built by Aleksandra Galczaka, a City College mechanical engineering student.


Work is currently under-way on a nozzle-less high pressure aeroponic system that will provide roots the ideal ratio of nutrient solution to oxygen at the ideal droplet size. This, we believe, will speed plant metabolism to optimal rates!

Stay tuned for more updates, or better yet, come visit us at the farm!

January Planting – Week 3

This week was a big one for our little January seedlings! After a thorough root-check, we were able to transplant most of these guys into their new homes which have more space for them to grow. The seedlings that were ready to be transplanted were put into one of three locations – either a traditional raft system, a vertical wall unit, or an enclosed closet-type of unit.

The reason we split the seedlings up into different areas is to feed our appetite for experimentation – we are an R&D facility, after all! We’ll be taking note of which setup allows for the best growth of these seedlings over the next few weeks.

As far as the peppers go, they are growing away in their new home (they were transplanted last week).

In other news at the farm – the Boswyck Team spent several hours on Sunday preparing beds and reservoirs for an upcoming installation at United Cerebral Palsy. We’re super excited to be working with such a great organization, and are planning to begin our install early next week after completing the main construction at the farm.

And now for the photos! Enjoy!


Boswyck Team Hard at Work!

Lee and Alex building a bed

Peppers - Week 4

Wall Unit System Closeup

Wall Unit System

Red Cabbage - Week 3

Fennel and Dill - Week 3

Cabbage transplanted into the Closet-system