Monthly Archives: April 2012

Poland banning GMO corn.

Here at Boswyck, we support the use of heirloom seeds wherever possible. Our own seeds come from Johnny’s, the Hudson Valley Seed Library, and Rare Seeds. You know where they never come from? Monsanto.

Luckily, Poland’s seeds aren’t coming from Monsanto either. Or at least their corn won’t. Poland joined the list of EU countries opposing GMOs this week, calling for a complete ban of corn strain MON810. More information here. The United States has also made some progress in this direction. Contact Just Food or your local advocacy group to find out how you can get involved in the fight against genetically modified foods.

Los Sures: building community through hydroponics.

We’ve been hard at working building a system with Los Sures, a social service organization in South Williamsburg. Robin, our main contact there, was kind enough to send along these photos that she took of the progress so far.

It’s been amazing to work with this team. Their dedication to grassroots community support is amazing. Plus, we’ve gotten to practice our Spanish — an important skill when you’re working in New York City.

The first seedlings were planted and they’re already sprouting! We’re looking forward to supplying the Los Sures Community Choice Pantry with ultra fresh, maximally local produce.

Hydroponics as a solution to food stream issues in the Philippines.

Here at Boswyck Farms we’re always excited to hear about global trends (or advances!) in hydroponics. As more communities around the world (especially in urban areas) turn to farming as a viable way of improving their food supply, hydroponics can be an awesome option for those who lack access to clean soil.

So today we’re especially happy to share this video from Scientific American about hydroponic installations in the Philippines! This project is community based, improving access to fresh, healthy food, and a good low-cost solutions: all the things we like to see. Enjoy!

Hydroponics Bring Low-Cost Solution to High Food Prices