Monthly Archives: September 2012

Our friends at Project ORE.

Our friends at Project ORE (a program for Jewish Elders that’s a part of the Educational Alliance) have become avid hydroponic farmers after 8 weeks of classes with us this summer. They’re growing lettuce, basil, arugula, thyme, and other salad greens and aromatic herbs to use in their cafeteria, or to enjoy at home.

Plants growing at Project ORE

Project ORE is using a raft system with four reservoirs: two for smaller plants, and two for larger plants. Although there is some natural light in the room, we installed some additional lighting to make sure that the plants are healthy and strong. The systems are surrounded by drawings made by Project ORE clients, as well as some hydroponic fun facts that we all put together.

Congratulations to our newest “crop” of farmers. L’Shana Tova/Happy New Year to all!

Boswyck Farms: Serving the Bushwick Salvation Army

Meet Ms. Heidi, our contact at the Bushwick Salvation Army. With the bounty of produce coming from the roof of the Bushwick Starr, we’d been searching for an ideal partner for food donation. Given our supporting food pantries and soup kitchens at other places, we were hoping to connect with a soup kitchen in our area. The Salvation Army has been a perfect match, and Ms. Heidi is their kitchen manager. A great person to know!

So far we’ve made three sizable donations to the soup kitchen, including several kinds of lettuce, basil, arugula, giant Japanese mustard greens, and kale. We were hoping for a fourth donation before the end of August but the end of summer hailstorm had other ideas. We’re so happy to be feeding some of our neighbors in need, and to show that yes, there can be a farm in Bushwick!