Monthly Archives: April 2015

Farm Update: 4-30-2015

Today we wished farewell to Alex, our intern-turned-employee-turned-volunteer whose expertise is responsible for our well-organized storage areas, diligent planting schedule, and precisely dosed reservoirs. She is moving on to pursue a career in mechanical engineering.


Thank you for all your help, Alex!

Farm Update: 4-29-2015

1. The rooftop NFT systems at Project FIND have been resurrected from winter slumber. Rails were cleaned, plumbing lines were flushed, and the water top off line was reconnected.



2. Our new indoor drip system using a combination of coconut husk and glass stone has been planted with artichoke, broccoli, cauliflower, and quinoa. We are comparing the seed germination rates from direct sowing in the coco drip system and in rock wool grow cubes in the germinator. DATA!



3. The aluminum frame was assembled for a new indoor NFT system. Hopper loves her shiny new scratching post.



4. New vinyl captain’s chair deemed highly awesome.





Farm Update: 4-23-2015

1. Trellis net hung outside for wall-mounted coco system.

2. Indoor coco drip system is nearly operational.


3. Tomato clones are flourishing in the aeroponic demo system. (Day 14)


4. Despite the cold weather, the tower lettuce is shaping up nicely.





Farm Update: 4-21-2015

1. Plumbing completed on one outdoor NFT system. Planted with kale and arugula.



2. Light fixture mounted and plumbing completed on indoor coco drip system.



3. Possible evidence of bottom rot was discovered inside a tomato harvested from the indoor deep water system. This problem was discovered in March and was attributed to a calcium deficiency. A supplement was added to its standard nutrient regimen and the visible exterior discoloration of bottom rot did not appear in new tomatoes.



Farm Update: 4-18-2015

1. Manifolds for outdoor NFT painted.

2. Additional tower stands constructed and painted.

3. Outdoor trellis finished and painted.

4. Indoor coco drip system light mount constructed.