Farm Update: 4-23-2015

1. Trellis net hung outside for wall-mounted coco system.

2. Indoor coco drip system is nearly operational.


3. Tomato clones are flourishing in the aeroponic demo system. (Day 14)


4. Despite the cold weather, the tower lettuce is shaping up nicely.





Farm Update: 4-21-2015

1. Plumbing completed on one outdoor NFT system. Planted with kale and arugula.



2. Light fixture mounted and plumbing completed on indoor coco drip system.



3. Possible evidence of bottom rot was discovered inside a tomato harvested from the indoor deep water system. This problem was discovered in March and was attributed to a calcium deficiency. A supplement was added to its standard nutrient regimen and the visible exterior discoloration of bottom rot did not appear in new tomatoes.



Farm Update: 4-18-2015

1. Manifolds for outdoor NFT painted.

2. Additional tower stands constructed and painted.

3. Outdoor trellis finished and painted.

4. Indoor coco drip system light mount constructed.

Farm Update: 4-16-2015

1. The NFT Beautification Initiative is well underway. All outdoor NFT racks have been primed and painted.


2. The swiss chard seedlings were too leggy to withstand the windy conditions on our rooftop. These failed seedlings, however, made a very successful micro green salad.


3. Kale seedlings are looking phenomenal!


Farm Update: 4-15-2015

1. The four outdoor towers have been planted with overflow from the germinator (lettuce, kale, bok choy, broccoli, swiss chard). Let’s see if they survive.

2. Tomato clones are showing significant root growth after 6 days in aeroponics.

3. The outdoor NFT support racks are being primed and painted.

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Adding automation with Doris the Doser

We’ve been adding some new automation features for ourselves and our clients. This post will detail Lee’s experiences using the GroHaus system. We noticed that the system we used didn’t actually have a name, so we called ours Doris. Doris the Doser.

Meet Doris!


Doris is by far the simplest and most straightforward automation system that we’ve found so far. To set her up, we built our own custom cart, which was probably the most time consuming part of the process.

Custom cart by Boswyck Farms.

Custom cart by Boswyck Farms.

From there, it was just a question of running plumbing, calibrating the system, and setting our target EC and pH levels.

Setting up Doris' electronic insides.

Setting up Doris’ electronic insides.

Plumbing was run between the nutrient pumps and our stock tanks of General Hydroponics nutrients (Flora Duo parts A and B, along with pH Down), between nutrient pumps and the reservoir, and between the reservoir and the sample pot for testing.

Doris' new home at Project FIND!

Doris’ new home at Project FIND!

We installed Doris at our client Project FIND. Their systems are on a rooftop, so we needed to build a weatherproof enclosure to keep everything safe. We used a case that was originally designed to house outdoor computer systems, which has temperature sensors and cooling fans to keep the system at the right temperature in case of warm weather.

All in all, this was a great experience: learning new automation technologies, building custom houses for them, and using existing materials to amplify what we can do in different environments. If you have questions about automation, we’re always happy to help! Just email us.