Building a grow room at the CDSC

We’re excited to announce our new grow room at the Child Development Support Corporation in Bed-Stuy. CDSC has asked us to design and install a 250 square foot grow room designed to supply their food pantry with fresh produce year-round. We’re excited for our first Bed-Stuy partnership, and look forward to expanding to other neighborhoods that are perceived “food deserts” throughout New York City.

Lee and our team of dedicated volunteers and interns have been hard at work. As usual, we’re trying to use the construction process as a way to teach people the basics of hydroponic installation — if you spend time with us, you’ll quickly find yourself with a hammer in your hand, as you’ll see in the following video. This is a stop-motion animation of one construction day. It was a great opportunity for us to test out our brand new video camera, as well as to show you our project in process.

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