Bushwick Open Studios Wrap-Up + A Reblog

We had an excellent time last weekend at Arts in Bushwick’s 2012 Bushwick Open Studios. We opened up our rooftop farm at the Bushwick Starr for anyone in need of a cool, green haven in the midst of the surrounding art madness. People seemed to appreciate the space for its amazing sense of calm, and they were also excited to see the possibilities for what you can grow in seemingly non-traditional places! Of course it didn’t hurt that all the plants are doing incredibly well. There was red lettuce for nibbling, and we’re really looking forward to the tomatoes, squashes, melons, and greens . . .

Deborah Soffel wrote a great little piece for her blog, Grapes and Greens, about visiting us this weekend and we’re excited to share it with you now. Scroll down for the farm details, but check out that amazing kitchen design in the process. We want one of those for our farm-to-table celebrations!


Thanks for sharing this with us, Deborah. Come by for a visit any time.

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