Busy week for Boswyck Farms!

Planting seedlings that the CDSC

This is a really exciting time for the farm! This past Sunday we had our first meeting on the roof at Bushwick Starr. The temps were too low to do any physical work, but our minds were working in overdrive, coming up with a lot of great plans for this summer’s rooftop farm. Tuesday though, was a momentous day for our friends at the CDSC. The first seeds were planted on Tuesday with everyone at the CDSC joining us and participating. New seeds will be planted every week and the first harvest of about 90 heads of lettuce should be in 6 weeks! We are starting out with the lettuce seeds, but once we feel confident that the system is working well, we will start planting bok choy and collard greens soon.

On Wednesday, we had a presentation at Borough of Manhattan Community College, sponsored by the Sustainability Club. Though a small group, the participants were really excited about what we were doing and proposed a lot of great ideas. Perhaps, heating hydroponic greenhouses with chickens could be in our future?

This Sunday will be our first real workday at the Bushwick Starr. Stay tuned for developments and pictures! Also, please contact us at info@nullboswyckfarms.org if you are interested in volunteering to work on the rooftop farm or any of our other upcoming projects.

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