Chrissy’s Cooking Club

Chrissy, of Chrissy’s Cooking Club, recently stopped by the Bushwick Starr, the location of our rooftop research and development. Chrissy’s Cooking Club (find them on facebook here) is a not-for-profit organization that promotes and facilitates all natural, from scratch cooking. You can find her at the Bushwick Farmer’s Market every Saturday cooking up some delicious foods, like french toast, blueberry buttermilk pancakes, and made to order grilled cheese sandwiches (pictured on right). The Corbaci Pepper, which was our first pepper of the season, was featured on many of the sandwiches and added a rich, sweet flavor.  The Corbaci Pepper (pictured on left) is an heirloom variety that originated in Turkey and is a voracious producer, giving us unique yellow to red fruit. As more foods come in, we look forward to working with Chrissy and her crew to get our awesome local produce into her delicious meals!

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