Day one of Open Studios

Day one was quite busy. Even though we were only open for 4 hours there was a steady crowd. The excitement around urban farming and gardening is amazing. We have 3 different hydroponic set ups here with a forth on its way. The cucumbers are growing in a simple drip system and threatening to take over the farm. It is time to learn how to pollinate them since there are separate male and female flowers. Ideally there would be bees but since this stage is in my loft I would rather not live with bees. There is basil growing in a deep water culture system. There is a 100 sq ft grow room that is using a hybrid aeroponics and deep water culture. There are tomatoes, eggplant and sweet peppers in the grow room. There will be pictures on the blog in a few days but until then you can go to to see pictures.

We are open noon – 7 p.m. today June 7th. Come by and see the farm.

1609 Dekalb Avenue, 1D. At the Dekalb stop on the L train.

If you can’t make it the farm is open for visits by appointment. Send an email to

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