Exciting updates from California: our first tests of medical marijuana!

Recently, Boswyck Farms has been based between our research and development facility in Astoria, Queens, and California. We’ve been working with a collaborator on some experiments with medical marijuana growth and the use of LED lighting.

If you’ve been following along with our lighting experiments here in Astoria, you know that we love Transcend LEDs. With Transcend starting to design lights specifically for medical marijuana (MMJ) growth, we thought there was no better opportunity to do a little testing. We decided to put Transcend’s D200 LED head to head with a 600 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS) light — a standard in the MMJ arena.

After a 7 week testing period, the results of the experiment are now in! Within a 3’x3′ growing area,  we found that the Transcend D200 LED performed on par with the HPS. Additional redesign of the LED, including the availability to hit a bigger throw area (4’x4′ is an ideal goal), would improve the LED’s performance even further. Plus, as we all know, compared to the running cost of an HPS light, running a D200 LED is both more cost-efficient, and more effective in heat management. The LED puts out much less heat, which is an important consideration when running an indoor grow room of any kind.

This is exciting not only for MMJ growers looking to use a more energy-efficient light, but also for an upcoming project that we ourselves are in the running for . . . but more on that next time. Stay tuned!

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