Homemade remedies for horticultural problems.

And now for a report from our frugal and enterprising Alex Middleton.

You can usually find Alex hard at work on our various systems, making sure that everything’s going as smoothly as it can. Growing hydroponically isn’t that different from traditional soil farming in that our plants are still susceptible to certain unfortunate diseases and pest problems. But Alex is there to the rescue!

Most recently he’s been working to solve a downy mildew problem on our cucumber plants. The winning solution? A spray of 9 parts water to 1 part milk. Cheap, easy, and awesome.

For more information about how Alex came to this formula, check some research here and here. Milk: it does a plant good.

This is all part of our plan to get everything ready for Bushwick Open Studios, one of our biggest events of the year.  We’ll be showcasing our work on the roof of the Bushwick Starr, and we’re thrilled to celebrate our creative neighborhood. Given the arts background of most of our farmers, it’s only right to be in such fine artistic company! We hope to see you this weekend.

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