January Planting – Week 3

This week was a big one for our little January seedlings! After a thorough root-check, we were able to transplant most of these guys into their new homes which have more space for them to grow. The seedlings that were ready to be transplanted were put into one of three locations – either a traditional raft system, a vertical wall unit, or an enclosed closet-type of unit.

The reason we split the seedlings up into different areas is to feed our appetite for experimentation – we are an R&D facility, after all! We’ll be taking note of which setup allows for the best growth of these seedlings over the next few weeks.

As far as the peppers go, they are growing away in their new home (they were transplanted last week).

In other news at the farm – the Boswyck Team spent several hours on Sunday preparing beds and reservoirs for an upcoming installation at United Cerebral Palsy. We’re super excited to be working with such a great organization, and are planning to begin our install early next week after completing the main construction at the farm.

And now for the photos! Enjoy!


Boswyck Team Hard at Work!

Lee and Alex building a bed

Peppers - Week 4

Wall Unit System Closeup

Wall Unit System

Red Cabbage - Week 3

Fennel and Dill - Week 3

Cabbage transplanted into the Closet-system

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