Maker Faire–it simply ruled the weekend

I’m finally regaining feeling in my legs after working our booth at Maker Faire New York. It was fairly amazing. We met a ton of people, made many, many soda bottle planters (which meant standing many hours) and had a great time showing our NFT, drip and aeroponic systems. I’m bummed I didn’t have time to see all the other cool stuff but on the other hand, I’m happy we were so busy. Our booth location meant we had front row seats for the Chariot Races so I can’t complain tooooo much.

If you made a soda bottle planter and want to enter our “May the Best Bottle Win!” challenge, submit a picture of your fabulously decorated planter to our public Flicker group, Boswyck Farms Soda Bottle Challenge. The winner gets a free Getting Started With Hydroponics workshop!

[nggslideshow id=46 w=400 h=300]

P.S. Our Kickstarter campaign is still going! Donate if you can! Thanks!!

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