Boro Park Y

Founded in 1917, the Boro Park Y addressed community concerns about the needs of Jewish immigrants moving into the neighborhood, and the desire to keep alive the traditions they had brought from their homes in Europe. The Boro Park Y continues offering programs to community youth, men, women, and seniors, in accordance with familial traditions and values.

Promoting Health Through Hydroponics

Referred to us by the Educational Alliance, the Boro Park Y sought to bring a hydroponics program to their site, seeing a unique opportunity to engage their seniors in a new activity and promote better nutrition and healthy eating through growing produce from seed. Boswyck Farms installed three deep water raft systems in the entrance of the center, designed and crafted with the understanding that the systems would need to be easy to maintain while aesthetically pleasing as a focal point of the lobby.

The three systems are outfitted with rafts that can accommodate a wide range of produce, depending on the palate preferences of the community. An additional germination stand was installed to increase the growing area available for maturing crops.

Sustainable Independence

After an 8 session educational course and staff training, the Boro Park Y has been continuing forward with their farming initiative. We are excited about their success and hope to work again together in the future.