Bushwick Community High School

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The Bushwick Community High School (BCHS) serves students ages 17-21 who have not met with success in traditional high schools and wish to continue their education and earn a diploma. Through a safe, caring, and disciplined environment, a culture of high expectations, personal bonds of trust and respect for students, a curriculum of social justice, and college and community partnerships, BCHS students find new ways to achieve their goals.

Hands-On STEM Education

In 2012, BCHS approached Boswyck Farms to offer a unique extension to the BCHS learning environment. For the past two years, Boswyck Farms has been bringing hydroponic systems and customized curriculums right into their classrooms. Students take part in hands-on activities and experiments that support them in connecting the STEM material they learn in class with practical application in urban farming.

In previous semesters, students have worked with Wisconsin Fast Plants, seeds designed specially for educational purposes that complete a full plant life cycle of 35 to 40 days. Students can plant seeds, cross-pollinate plants, harvest new seeds, and grow the next generation of offspring all within one semester- giving them context to classic lessons on genetics and reproduction by tracking the new traits exhibited in their plants.

Future Plans

In coming years, Boswyck Farms hopes to working with BCHS to build an urban rooftop farm, featuring a greenhouse with hydroponic systems that produce food for the school community while expanding the learning opportunities of current science and math curriculum.