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Founded in 1977, CAMBA is one of Brooklyn’s largest and most impactful community-based organizations, connecting 45,000 individuals and families in need with a variety of supportive services that enhance their quality of life and develop their communities. CAMBA provides support programs for diverse group of New Yorkers in need who are working to become self-sufficient.

Project Overview

With funding from the United Way, Boswyck Farms worked with CAMBA to design, construct, and install a hydroponic farm. Now fully operational, the farm will supplement the CAMBA food pantry with fresh produce weekly and serve other CAMBA programs that focus on engaging youth and adults as community volunteers. The hydroponic farm will also provide opportunities for job training, hands-on STEM education, and introduce the concept of farm stewardship.


CAMBA’s two-tiered farm occupies 300 square feet of their food pantry and consists of six 4′ by 6′ nutrient film technique (NFT) systems. In addition to helping build the systems, Boswyck Farms trained a committed group of CAMBA staff and volunteers of all ages on hydroponic farm operation and maintenance, and how use the farm as a learning tool for engaging youth from other CAMBA programs in volunteer efforts.

In the Future

We look forward to working with CAMBA on an ongoing basis to integrate hydroponics across a variety of programs, making connections through food justice and nutrition education.