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The Educational Alliance is a community-based organization that offers a wide range of programs that integrate education, social services, arts and recreation throughout Downtown Manhattan. Founded in 1889 to help Jewish immigrants get settled in the U.S., the organization now serves 50,000 New Yorkers annually through a range of intergenerational and cross-cultural programs: preschools, camps, after school programs, senior centers, health & wellness programs, arts & culture classes, and addiction recovery programs.

Project ORE Partnership

In May 2012, Educational Alliance’s Project ORE came to the Bushwick Starr to tour the Boswyck Farms rooftop. Shortly after, they invited Boswyck Farms to teach a course on hydroponics at Project ORE at The Sirovich Center.

The course centered around the construction of four deep water culture raft systems, but the partnership with Educational Alliance has been growing ever since. This year, Educational Alliance decided to convert their raft systems into three larger systems within the same space, and Boswyck Farms is teaching a certification course at their site, customized to the operation and maintenance of their hydroponic farm.