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Fountain House, a social service organization supporting adults recovering from mental illness, was already familiar with the therapeutic aspects of gardening through their strong horticultural programming unit. Seeing hydroponics as an ideal expansion to their current activities, Fountain House approached Boswyck Farms in 2010 about building a grow room at their facility.

Building for self sufficiency

Recognizing the vital importance of client engagement in Fountain House’s mission, our goal was to design and construct a hydroponic grow room with the help of Fountain House staff and residents, and train residents to maintain the systems themselves in the process.

The finished grow room at Fountain House has 16 (two-tiered) flood and drain systems that occupy 128 square feet in a 165 square foot room. The first harvest at Fountain House took place in December 2010 and the systems, now managed by the residents, have been providing the in-house cafeteria with greens ever since!

Future Plans

Based on the success of the initial venture into the world of hydroponics, Fountain House is looking to expand the project to include a larger hydroponic greenhouse in the future.