Project FIND

Project FIND provides low- and moderate-income and homeless seniors with the services and support they need to enrich their lives and live independently. Operating three supportive housing residences that are home to about 600 people and four seniors centers with over 3,000 members, Project FIND is a critical resource, providing housing, meals, and programs that help individuals navigate the challenges of aging by encouraging community engagement and healthy living.

Project FIND’s Hamilton Innovative Senior Center

First opened in 1973 Project FIND’s Hamilton Senior Center offers many classes and activities for resident seniors. In 2012, with support from the New York City Department for the Aging, Project FIND had the opportunity to redesign their programs. As part of this process, Project FIND partnered with Boswyck Farms to create an outdoor rooftop hydroponic farm, specially designed for ease of use with seniors. For seniors who could not access the roof, a germination station was installed on the ground floor in the Annex so they could still take part in the horticultural program.

A Farm with a View

The Hamilton Center’s rooftop farm consists of X Nutrient Film Technique systems, ideal for growing leafy greens and herbs. Hugging the parapet are six drip systems, using coco coir as grow medium, that are suited for growing tomatoes and peppers. As plants mature, they are trellised upwards against the backdrop of the city.

Looking Ahead to the Next Season

After a great pilot season in 2014, the Project FIND farm is set up and ready to make the most of 2015. Produce from the roof will supplement food programming in the senior center and act as a launching point for nutrition education.