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January Planting – Week 3

This week was a big one for our little January seedlings! After a thorough root-check, we were able to transplant most of these guys into their new homes which have more space for them to grow. The seedlings that were ready to be transplanted were put into one of three locations – either a traditional raft system, a vertical wall unit, or an enclosed closet-type of unit.

The reason we split the seedlings up into different areas is to feed our appetite for experimentation – we are an R&D facility, after all! We’ll be taking note of which setup allows for the best growth of these seedlings over the next few weeks.

As far as the peppers go, they are growing away in their new home (they were transplanted last week).

In other news at the farm – the Boswyck Team spent several hours on Sunday preparing beds and reservoirs for an upcoming installation at United Cerebral Palsy. We’re super excited to be working with such a great organization, and are planning to begin our install early next week after completing the main construction at the farm.

And now for the photos! Enjoy!


Boswyck Team Hard at Work!

Lee and Alex building a bed

Peppers - Week 4

Wall Unit System Closeup

Wall Unit System

Red Cabbage - Week 3

Fennel and Dill - Week 3

Cabbage transplanted into the Closet-system

Boswyck Farms Partners with Fountain House to Build a Grow Room

It’s been quite a blast building the grow room at Fountain House, a NYC non-profit dedicated to helping adults with mental illnesses. We’re hoping that this room will supply most–if not all–the greens they need for their cafeteria. The size of the room we have to work in is 165 square feet. To date Lee, our volunteer carpenter Chris and some of the folks at Fountain House have built 4 flood & drain grow beds for greens. They’ve been seeded and we’re looking forward to the first sprouting!

All in all 16 tiered flood & drain systems will be built with a total of 128 square feet of growing space.

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Cosecha de rábano

Who doesn’t love a good radish? (Actually I don’t but that’s a whole other story.) We’ve had our first radish harvest! Some are sweet, some pungent and some right in the middle. Planted a little over a month ago, they grew up to be quite healthy and happy in our flood & drain system. Lee decided the radishes are so good that he’s done another round of planting. These new ones are slated to be part of our hydroponic systems demonstrations and will make their premiere Sunday, September 12, 2010 at Farm City Fair.

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The Friday Farm Report, a few days late

This report is a little late in coming. The beginning of August found us waist-deep in workshops, not to mention planting, harvesting an incredible amount of Fine Verde basil and experimenting with a bucket flood & drain system.

Thanks to Growing Leaders, who are partnered with BK Farmyards this summer, for being the first group to participate in the soda bottle workshop in our space. Up to now we’ve always held our workshops off-site. You showed us that our magical, expandable kitchen table isn’t just for dining. It transforms nicely into a workbench. We’d also like to give a big thanks to Heather Butts for bringing several young adults from her program, H.E.A.L.T.H. for Youths.

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For more information on our educational program contact joanna@nullboswyckfarms.org.

Farm report

We’ve had a very busy week at the farm. The heat wave a few weeks back took its toll on our rooftop installation but thanks to Lee’s quick thinking and ability to lug pounds of ice up some steep stairs, everything is back on track. I’m loving the sunflowers which are now enormous. Our cumbers are kicking right along and the Fine Verde basil is busting up out of the NFT system. We also had our first lady bug sighting. Win!

New to the farm this week are our carrots which have just sprouted. Our pea shoots are back. There was a sad turn of events for the peas when it hit 103 degrees on the roof so we’re happy to see them again.

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Our habanero peppers are going to be famous

We met husband and wife team Jason Hait and Ayelet Prizant a few weeks back at the Crown Heights Health Fair. Jason is the owner and Executive Chef at The Pour Gourmet. They were selling some of their amazingly hot sauces, marinades and mustards. Lee and Jason got to talking about peppers and viola! he offered to take the plethora of Habaneros we recently grew off our hands. Jason will be concocting something most delicious with them. We’re desperate for a taste and we’ll let you know as soon as it’s whiped it up. In the meantime, don’t miss out on other Pour Gourmet treats. I’ve got my eye on the Beer-B-Q sauce. I’m betting it’s fabulous on veggie burgers.

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Swing by for a visit

Summer is here and we know you’re looking for a fun morning or afternoon trip. We’re open for visits year-round but why not schedule one now? You can see our indoor R&D lab and we’ll also take you to our rooftop installation at the Bushwick Starr. Email lee@nullboswyckfarms.org to set up a time. Hope to see you soon!

All that is yummy

About a month ago Lee built a vertical system which we planted with strawberries. They are happy in their new home and about 2 weeks ago began to flower. Even though they aren’t quite ready we did a small tasting this past Tuesday. The result? A little tart but a lot delicious. Our Caribbean Red Cabanero peppers have ripened and they are…hot. We’re looking forward to pickling! Our Red Zebra tomatoes were harvested and are pretty and delicious.

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Bushwick Open Studios a Resounding Success

Bushwick Open Studios was this past weekend. Hot and humid as it was we threw open the doors to the farm, inviting people in to see our seven different hydroponic systems. Those who came got to eat a little of our arugula, watercress and lettuce, not to mention Lee’s homemade and perfectly salted popcorn. (Our peppers and tomatoes were not quite ripe enough to sample but should be there momentairly so make arrangements to visit if you want a taste.) The recently planted strawberries have taken to their new vertical system and we were happy so many people admired how pretty they looked. Several people made hydroponic planters out of recycled soda bottles, seeded them with the basil of their choice and took them home to start a windowsill garden.

A tip of our hat to the peeps over at Arts in Bushwick for organizing another fabulous event. We’re looking forward to next year’s open studios!

Boswyck Farms Talks to The Naturalist

Today Lee and Chloë will be interviewed by Bernie Wides on his show, The Naturalist. They’ll be talking about hydroponics, the work we do at the farm and our upcoming programs. The show airs between 12:00 and 12:30. Tune in if you can. It will also be available as a podcast.

The Naturalist is a daily radio program on Heritage Radio Network.