The Friday Farm Report

We’ve had some ups and downs on the roof this week. Let’s get the downs out of the way first. Sadly the sunflowers look like they’re to become the latest victims of high winds. They fell over several times and aren’t looking so hot. Lee just added some sturdy stakes to keep them up but I’m a little worried about them. They are pretty hardy so maybe they’ll be able to recover. The high winds also snapped off some of the beautiful Fine Verde basil.

Now for the ups: the sudden snapping of the basil=Chloë’s delicious pesto. We have butterflies visiting the roof pollinating our cucumbers and long beans which have pretty purple flowers and a brand new bud. (A recent article on urban farming counted 24 different species of butterflies in gardens across Harlem and the Bronx.) There’s an apiary on a neighboring roof and we hope we’re getting some bees from there. We’ve been dodging yellow jackets. They don’t have brushes or baskets to carry pollen but their presence is helpful in keeping harmful insects away. So to sum it up…each new event up on the roof helps us learn what to do and not to do.

Indoors Lee planted carrots to replace the chocolate peppers and the radishes in the flood and drain system are thriving.

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