The Latest Innovation from Boswyck Farms

Check out one of the latest innovations from Boswyck Farms! We have recently developed a way to use aeroponics without the pesky, clog-prone nozzles.2012-02-06_13-37-33

Our Vertical Rain System includes a box-like structure mounted on the wall with holes drilled into the front for plants. Then, a piece of  piping with small holes drilled in it is suspended directly above vertically stacked net pots. A water pump sends the nutrient solution up to the pipe, and then it rains down through the holes and onto the net pots. Roots eventually grow out into the open air and the rain provides a healthy balance of nutrient solution and oxygen. This awesome system was designed and built by Aleksandra Galczaka, a City College mechanical engineering student.


Work is currently under-way on a nozzle-less high pressure aeroponic system that will provide roots the ideal ratio of nutrient solution to oxygen at the ideal droplet size. This, we believe, will speed plant metabolism to optimal rates!

Stay tuned for more updates, or better yet, come visit us at the farm!

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