United Cerebral Palsy Construction

Done for the day!This past Monday, some of the Boswyck team headed over to United Cerebral Palsy to set up their new hydroponic system. We are thrilled to work on this project partially because it gave us the opportunity to show off our customization skills. Being that the individuals who would be learning from and working with the hydroponic system at UCP are those with disabilities, we had to consult with UCP and figure out the best way to customize the system to fit with their needs. For example, many people at UCP use wheelchairs, making it difficult for them to go directly up to the bed to plant, harvest, or maintain. We designed this setup to be higher than normal, making wheelchair access possible for easy access.

The construction of the actual bed was done at Boswyck Farms, which was then transported to UCP and put together on site. Lee, Alex M. and Alex T., and Sara helped set this whole system up, including the lights, reservoirs, and tubing in about 2 hours.

We also took a really cool time lapse video of the process from start to finish (you can even see the clock ticking on the wall).

Check it out here!

Reservoirs and Tubing

Putting the Legs on the BedDrilling the hanger on for the lights

Working away

LED lightingDrilling the hanger on for the lights

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