Boswyck Farms offers educational opportunities for students of all ages. From on-site courses in our research and development space, to tabling at fairs and other events, we eager to each you more about hydroponics.

Hydroponics isn’t just about growing food, it about an ever-growing understanding of science, math, and technology.Boswyck Farms offers a range of educational opportunities for any age and skill level, ranging from one-day farm visits at our site to hydroponic certification.

To schedule a Boswyck Farms course for your group of five or more students, an educational tour, or to invite us to table at your event, just email us. We’d love to develop an educational experience that works for you.

Hydroponics Workshops

Not quite ready for hydroponic certification? We’d be happy to offer you an introductory hydroponic workshop. We schedule workshops for groups of five and up. You can have a workshop in our space, or in the space of your choice. You must guarantee the full group in order to schedule a workshop.  Email us to schedule a workshop!

    1. Intro to Hydroponics Workshop.Turn a 2-liter soda bottle into a passive hydroponic planter! These planters are perfect for growing lettuces, herbs, or flowers. This workshop is great for farmers of all ages.
    2. Intermediate Hydroponics Workshop. Want to grow tomatoes or peppers? The 5-gallon bucket system is a great way to go. This workshop involves the use of power tools, and is intended for farmers over 18.

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