Why, hello Winter.

Just as we were settling into the cozy,  crispness of fall, the city gets blanketed in snow. For our plants at the Bushwick Starr, this wasn’t terrible news- kale sure loves it some cold weather. The rest of us in the city, however, were not as pleased.  We hope those brave souls who did venture out on that historic Saturday popped in to the Calabaza Fest, presented by our friends at EcoStation:NY. Even though the snow forced the event indoors to PS 123, spirits were high, costumes were creative, and the pumpkins were plentiful.

While the weather seems to have returned to normal (for November), the Boswyck Farmers are gearing up for winter’s official arrival. This winter we will unveil: The Hoop House.

Hoop houses are great for outdoor hydroponic growing. Chances are good that even if you don’t recognize the term, you have seen one before. Take the long hollow pipe of a chain link fence, bend it into a half circle, repeat a couple of times, cover them with plastic and voila! A hydroponic long house (and a throwback to 5th grade social studies.)

If Halloween weekend was any indicator of what winter will be bringing this year, we will be needing to keep the hoop house plant roots toasty warm. Our plan? The ultimate in repurposed materials: COMPOST! Thanks to the composting expertise of Maggie from Ecostation:NY, Boswyck Farm’s hoop house will be rocking out a custom compost heating system all winter long.

This past weekend, Boswyck Farms had a hoop house raising at the Academy of Urban Planning, at the Bushwick Campus. As we start to winterize the systems at the Bushwick Starr, we will start building and populating systems in the hoop house. More photos to come!

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