As of December 2015 Boswyck Farms has shut down. We have moved to California and are starting a new company, Leaf Lift System, to focus on computer automation for hydroponics. If you would like more information about the new company please email


Also, we are still selling our Hydroponic Certification Coursebook for $30 plus $10 S&H. If you would like to order this please send an email to


Thank you for a great ride in NYC.


Boswyck Farms

Boswyck Farms uses hydroponics to share the art of urban farming with those who want better access to fresh, healthy produce. We work with schools, social service organizations, and community-based organizations to create farms of any size in any space and foster hands-on science education. Learn more.


Interested in a system? We specialize in client-based design and construction: your space, your program, and your needs. Get a quote.


We love to teach about urban farming, how hydroponics works, STEM, and much more! Come take a class.


Want to get involved? We’re always looking for people to join in through internships, volunteering, or just plain visits. Learn more here.